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Shipping items you purchase from the Woot store to Canada used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Woot store.

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Does Woot Deliver to Canada?

If you’re a Woot enthusiast living in Canada, you may be wondering whether the popular online retailer delivers to your country. Woot, which is known for its daily deals and quirky product offerings, primarily serves customers in the United States. However, as the demand for its unique selection of products continues to grow, many Canadian consumers are eager to find out if Woot has expanded its shipping options to include international delivery.

Understanding Woot’s Shipping Policy

Before diving into whether Woot delivers to Canada, it’s essential to understand the company’s shipping policy. At its core, Woot is primarily focused on servicing customers within the United States. The company’s shipping options, including standard and expedited delivery, are tailored to meet the needs of U.S.-based customers. Additionally, Woot’s promotions and events often cater to the U.S. market, making it clear that the company’s primary target audience resides within the country’s borders.

Woot’s Expansion into International Markets

Despite its U.S. focus, Woot has occasionally ventured into international markets to test the waters and appeal to a global audience. In the past, Woot has offered limited-time shipping options to select countries outside the U.S., allowing international customers to experience its unique brand of online retail. However, these international shipping initiatives have been sporadic and largely experimental, indicating that Woot’s core business remains centered around the U.S. market.

Shipping to Canada: An Overview

As of now, Woot does not offer standard shipping to Canada. While this may be disappointing for Canadian consumers who are eager to take advantage of Woot’s daily deals, it’s essential to remember that the company’s shipping limitations are rooted in logistics and operational considerations. Shipping products across borders involves navigating a complex web of regulations, fees, and logistical challenges, all of which can impact the overall customer experience.

Alternative Shipping Options for Canadian Customers

While Woot’s standard shipping does not extend to Canada at this time, there are alternative shipping options that Canadian customers can explore to access Woot’s products. One option is to utilize package forwarding services, which allow customers to ship their purchases to a U.S. address and then forward them to Canada. While this can add extra steps to the shipping process and incur additional fees, it provides a workaround for Canadian customers who are determined to access Woot’s products.

Considering Customs and Duties

When exploring alternative shipping options, it’s crucial for Canadian customers to consider the potential impact of customs and duties on their orders. Shipping products from the U.S. to Canada can result in additional fees at the border, including customs duties and taxes. It’s essential for Canadian customers to familiarize themselves with the potential cost implications of cross-border shipping and factor these into their purchasing decisions.

Communicating with Woot’s Customer Service

If you’re a Canadian customer interested in purchasing from Woot, it’s worth reaching out to the company’s customer service team to inquire about shipping options to Canada. While the standard shipping may not be available, customer service representatives may be able to provide insights into any upcoming international shipping initiatives or alternative solutions for Canadian customers. Additionally, engaging with Woot’s customer service team can signal to the company that there is a demand for its products in Canada, potentially influencing future shipping decisions.


In conclusion, while Woot does not currently offer standard shipping to Canada, there are alternative shipping options that Canadian customers can explore to access the company’s unique products. By understanding Woot’s shipping policy, considering alternative shipping methods, and factoring in potential customs and duties, Canadian customers can navigate the complexities of cross-border shipping and enjoy the benefits of Woot’s offerings. Additionally, engaging with Woot’s customer service team can provide insights and potentially influence the company’s shipping decisions in the future. As Woot continues to evolve and expand its reach, Canadian customers may find new opportunities to experience the excitement of Woot’s daily deals and eclectic product selection.

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